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Alive From New York: An SNL Slash Community
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Welcome to snl_slash, the LJ community for... just what the name sounds like. Post fanfic, fanart, slashy videos or quotes, icons, interviews, picures--anything as long as it's relevant to SNL, and somewhat relevant to slashy lovin'. Old school, new school, or Sandler-school, it's all welcome here. Have fun!

1. When posting fiction or art, use a disclaimer. It takes about thirty seconds, and your friendly mod will love you forever.
2. Big pictures, multiple pictures, and large amounts of text go under a cut. Think of the friends pages. Please, think of the friends pages.
3. When posting fiction, use this template or some variation thereof. Items in bold are required.

Pairing/Character: (if you like surprises, you can omit this)
Time: (when the story is set)
Word Count:
Rating: (Any system is fine, but if this is not kid-friendly, be sure to make it clear.)
Warnings: (If there's a potential quick in this story (besides RPF, which is a given), be sure to label it. If you don't like to give things away, "Warning: no warning" will suffice. If you see a story with that label, be sure to expect anything.)
Disclaimer: Absolutely not optional.

4. Be cool. Don't take anything too seriously.

Other than those four things, anything goes.

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Want to affiliate? Drop your friendly mod ediblestars a comment anywhere on her LJ.

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